The Amenity Center is open to all residents and their guests in our community including a jr Olympic-sized swimming pool and cabana, three-acre athletic field, children's playground, trellised seating areas, and a community dock.

Adjacent to the pond with the dock, we have revitalized the multipurpose field by planting new grass. To the left of the Amenity Building, is a large grassy area which is perfect for picnics and birthday parties. Ample parking is available directly in ​front of the amenities area, and the surrounding grassy common areas are ideal for a variety of social events.

*After using the pool umbrellas, please close them so they won't be damaged by unexpected winds and rain that we usually get in the afternoons.

Below are our POOL RULES:

Please note that the bathing load is 29 persons for our pool according to Florida State guidelines.

                                           ***HOURS of OPERATION ARE DAWN TO DUSK***

(Updated June 2019)

  1. Use of the Pool Facility, including anywhere within the fence and its Playground Area, by Owners, Occupants, Residents, Invitees, Renters, or the like (hereafter collectively referred to as “Owner” or “Owners”) and their Guests (limited to 4 guests only while using the Pool Facility) is strictly subject to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for The Colony at Greenbriar (hereafter “CCR”) and by all laws of the State and Municipality wherein we reside.




  1. Each Owner and Guest is responsible for his/her cleanup of what they may bring within the Pool Facility. Your individual conduct or that of your guests could cause the City Health Inspector to close the pool for any reason set by law or CCR and more specifically for the reasons set forth herein.


  1. By entering upon, and inviting your Guests within, the Pool Facility, each Owner acknowledges that he/she has read the CCR and the following rules.


  1. Use of the Pool Facility, whether the CCR or Laws by which we govern ourselves was read or not by said individual, constitutes absolute and unconditional acceptance to the terms and conditions contained therein by the Owner and each Guest. It is your individual responsibility to read and understand the CCR and State and Municipal laws before using the Pool Facility. Remember, each Owner and/or Guest has a right to elect to not use the Pool Facility if they find the CCRs’ terms or conditions or Laws under which we govern ourselves to be objectionable.


  1. All Colony at Greenbriar Homeowner Association annual fees and/or fines must be paid in full prior to Owner and/or Owners using the Pool Facility. If you invite Guests to the Pool Facility or intend to use the Pool Facility, you must carry insurance to cover any damage you may cause within the Pool Facility.


  1. The CCR gives the duly appointed representatives of The Colony at Greenbriar HOA and its management company the authority to enforce all rules and for maintaining an atmosphere suitable for all Owners to enjoy the Pool Facility. These rules are subject to interpretation of intention and conduct by the Board and as set forth in the CCR.


  1. NO LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY or provided to Owners or Guests. All Owners and Guests swim at their own risk. IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY OF ANY NATURE, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY. Pool address is 103 Winchester Dr.


  1. During thunderstorms/lightening, everyone must leave the pool area immediately, until the storm has passed over for at least 30 minutes before returning to the pool.


  1. An Owner, who is an adult, or an Owner(s) dependent (the age of 16 years or older) must accompany all Minors/Children (under 16 years) and Guests while they are within the Pool Facility. Minors/Children shall be supervised at all times by said responsible party.


  1. NO GLASS OR GLASS CONTAINERS for food or beverages ARE PERMITTED WITHIN THE POOL FACILITY AT ANYTIME. Broken glass will cause the Pool Facility to be closed and you will be charged for all related costs associated therewith.


  1. SHOWER BEFFOR ENTERING THE POOL. Suntan lotions/oil create costly maintenance of the pool and cause damage directly to the pool filtration system. Please refrain from use of the products before entering the pool.


  1. Lap swim is available from Dawn to 9am and from 9am to Dusk will be open swim.


  1. Absolutely, NO animals allowed within the Pool Facility, except for official service animals.


  1. Persons who have infections and/or open sores (colds, lesions, sores, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge, communicable diseases, etc.) are not allowed in the pool.


  1. No running or horseplay is allowed.




  1. No diving is allowed into the pool.


  1. Proper bathing attire must be worn in the Pool; cutoffs/street clothes are not permitted.


  1. For the convenience and safety of all swimmers, adult flotation devices are prohibited. Infant flotation devices, 24-inch or less outside diameter, upper arm flotation devices and Styrofoam noodles are permitted. All children using a floatation devices must be supervised one-on one by an adult who is in the water and is within arm’s length of said child.


  1. Infants and non-potty trained toddlers shall wear swim diapers and rubber pants at all times while in the pool. The swim diaper and rubber pants must be covered by a swimsuit. Otherwise, no diapers are allowed in the pool. In case of feces or other infestation in the pool, the contamination must be removed immediately, the pool evacuated and property management notified to lock the Pool Facility for health hazard cleaning.


  1. At no time is food permitted in the pool or near the pools edge.


  1. Grilling and open fires of any sort are strictly prohibited within the Pool Facility.


  1. For the convenience of all homeowners, please do not reserve chairs or tables. To insure the longevity of our community property, towels should be used on lounge chairs and chairs to avoid staining from lotions, oils, etc. An Owner or Guest shall not remove property owned by the Association from the Pool Facility without prior written consent from the Association.


  1. For the convenience of all homeowners, no loud noise please. All personal radios, etc., should be kept at a level to not constitute a nuisance to others using the Pool Facility. Proper behavior shall be adhered to at all times.


  1. Bikes shall be parked in the places provided and they are not allowed on the pool deck or within the Pool Facility. Please use good judgment with infant strollers. No skateboarding, rollerblading, scooters or the like is permitted within the Pool Facility, nor shall they be brought within the Pool Facility.


  1. Facility when closed. To not be a trespasser, you must have prior written permission from a member of the Board of Directors or be a Board Member.


  1. The Pool Facility must be closed from time to time to all Owners and Guests for cleaning and maintenance. Closure of the pool for cleaning and maintenance is left to our pool maintenance persons and for emergency purposes. If the Pool Facility gates are chain locked, no access by any Owner or person, other than duly appointed representatives of the Association, is allowed. If you are caught or seen within the Pool Facility, you are a trespasser and you will be reported to the Police as such. To not be a trespasser, you must have prior written permission from a member of the Board of Directors or be a Board Member.


  1. Unruly or dangerous activities of any nature whatsoever within the Pool Facility will not be tolerated. Each Owner has the responsibility to report any such activities to the Association or the St Johns County Sheriff’s Department.


  1. Vandalism, trespassing, jumping fences (which is trespassing) suspicious behavior, or other such incidences of misconduct shall be reported to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Department. Non-emergency number is 904-824-8304.


  1. No loitering is allowed at any time within the Pool Facility.


  1. Any extraordinary expenses incurred by the Association related to clean up or repairs directly related to the use or misuse of the Pool Facility by an Owner or Guest will be billed to the Owner.


  1. In accordance with State Law, the Pool Facility is open at dawn and closes at dusk. No Owners or Guests, other than duly appointed representatives of the Association, are permitted within the Pool.

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